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Competency 724.8.1: Primary Research – The graduate recognizes basic scientific research concepts and techniques, appreciates the ethics of nursing research, recognizes researchable questions, uses evaluative skills to critique current nursing research, and identifies statistical types.

Competency 724.8.2: Translation of Research Evidence and Evidence Summary – The graduate applies concepts of nursing research to clinical practice situations, conducts reviews of the literature in relation to therapeutic approaches, and recognizes the importance of theoretical models in nursing practice or research.

See Task 1 attached below for instructions.

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Holistic Professional Nursing Capstone Project: Evaluation of Plan Effectiveness Criteria (phase 7) & Final submission (phase 8)
This was a 10-week project. This is my week 10 final submission that will tie it all together. I have attached all of my papers for phases 1-6. I have also attached another student’s paper as an exmaple (I ONLY need a 2 page word document for phases 7 & 8, not the whole paper like the sample has. Also, my paper needs to have Phase 7 and Phase 8 headers, instead of evaluation & conclusion headers).

* never met with these ladies, so I have made up all of my content as far as my care plan & implementation. I used info from the Morgan County health department website, as well as the NE Health District of GA.

also need a PowerPoint (no more than 10-12 slides that hits the highlights of my project).

* I have also attached a detailed summary & instructions from the professor for this final part of the project.

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