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F1st Assignment

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F1st Assignment

The article that I chose is the one that talks about demand versus supply in relation to price change at the time of the Coronavirus crisis. The comparative significance of supply and demand for the period of the pandemic is an essential input into operative policy strategy. The article column uses firm-level statistics on premeditated value shifts by organizations from a scheduled survey covering all pertinent areas of the German economy to demonstrate that supply and demand forces exist, however that demand shortages take over in the short run. The article illustrates a shift in supply and demand due to changes in the price and sales of a particular product.

According to the article, some distractions for non-economic causes in the supply of services and goods resulting from pandemic are meant to be weathered off by the policies it talks about. It builds on the monetary predictions that costs mirror changes in demand and supply. Provided demand, a decrease in the supply of services and goods results in price increases. The creation being perpetual and fewer demands results in disinflation (Balleer et al., 2020). The article survey prearranged price changes of German companies and establishes that forces functioning on supply and demand coexist; however, demand shortages takes over in the early stage of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The graphs presented illustrate a leading part for demand in price-setting activities prior into the pandemic. It supports the interpretation along two dimensions. Companies that mostly report contrary demand impacts to have a greater possibility of scheduling price increases. It establishes that positive demand changes upsurge the possibility of intended price reduces most of the time. Changes in supply reduce the projected normal effect and upsurge the possibility of planned price increases (Baqaee & Farhi, 2020). Graph B illustrates the shift in this article.

This the URL of the article: https://voxeu.org/article/demand-versus-supply-price-adjustment-during-covid-19-pandemic


Balleer, A, S Link, M Menkhoff and P Zorn (2020), “Demand or supply? Price adjustment during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Covid Economics 31, 23 June.

Baqaee, D R and E Farhi (2020), “Supply and Demand in Disaggregated Keynesian Economies with and Application to the Covid-19 Crisis”, CEPR Discussion Paper 14743.

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