Face Threatening Act

Face Threatening Act

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Face Threatening Act

A face-threatening act occurs in performing communicating actions, including criticizing, advising, or complementing. This might result in posing a threat to the speaker or hearers’ positive or negative wants. An instance when my face was threatened was when I reminded my siblings to clear the table and wash utensils, yet they had planned to do it. The request came out wrongly, whereas the intentions were clear only that I did not use polite words in the course of my request in the bid to have dishes cleaned on time.

Another instance of negative face-threatening occurred, which compelled me to think that my siblings had no plans to do the dishes, and by reminding her, she felt so annoyed. To save the situation, I had to redeem myself and adjust the language tone using polite language even though my sibling’s responsibility was well known and understood.

The face-threatening acts are hard to evade, and we should adopt and accommodate them in our daily routines. Politeness does not curb the face-threatening actions instead gives room for more face-threatening acts through which we are meant to appreciate the needs of other individuals despite the present moment in which we have the zeal to threaten them.

A polite tone in which people are forced to threaten opposing faces occur during the interruption moments. In many scenarios, people lack the urge to pull a trigger by acknowledging and respecting other people’s face wants. Politeness is a constant in how we treat other individuals and trade it concerning people’s faces.

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