Facebook is the worst thing that happened to relationships





Facebook is the worst thing that happened to relationships

Social media has completely transformed the way people interact with each other. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, among many others, have allowed people to connect with each other more and more, no matter where they are. These platforms allow people to send messages, photos, and call each other via video from all locations across the globe. This means that people catch up in real-time even when they may be far away from each other. For example, a person from Brazil whose family is visiting Dubai can talk to them through video calls, helping them feel connected though they are far from each other. This instant communication has been beneficial for many people because, in the past, people relied on emails and letters, which took a lot of time, and were also inefficient. However, although social media platforms have improved communication and connection, it has also brought some negatives along with it. People tend to be so engrossed in their phones and computers catching up with friends and family such that they forget their immediate surroundings. Facebook is the worst thing to happen to relationships between family, friends, and significant others, mainly because it proves to be too distracting and engaging.

Facebook has proven to be detrimental to romantic relationships for several reasons. When two people decide to become partners in a romantic sense, there is usually an expectation of what this entails. For example, they will often spend significant amounts of time together. During this time, they will usually talk about many things or go out to do some fun activities together. Whenever a person spends time with their significant other, they want their partner to pay attention to them as much as possible. However, with Facebook, some partners tend to use their time poring over the platform following the lives of other people online. This becomes a challenge when a person ignores or fails to pay attention to their partner, and sometimes this could lead to the end of the relationship. A perfect example of this is two people out on a date in a fancy restaurant. They plan such dates once every week to catch up with each other and keep their romance alive. However, one of the partners is quite active on Facebook, and he keeps looking at his phone constantly. He wants to know what is happening with his friends; therefore, he keeps checking their updates and photos. His partner feels ignored and that he is not interested in her. This happens on several occasions, and the relationship eventually ends because the man concentrates on Facebook more than he pays attention to his partner.

Facebook is also the worst thing to happen to family relationships. Family members are so engrossed in their phones and computers at all times; they forget to spend any time as a family. Facebook attracts people from all age groups, so it is not uncommon to find both parents and children both on Facebook. Families spend less and less time with each other, and whenever they do, they constantly have to keep glancing at their phones. To illustrate this situation, a mother asks her whole family to come together for a family dinner. One of the teen children forgets what time it is and is late because he spent some time chatting with a new friend on Facebook. While at the dinner table, mom talks about a recent cruise she and her friends went on and shows her family all the pictures they took and posted on Facebook. No one really talks about what is going on in their individual lives, as each person can’t wait to get back on Facebook to continue chatting and looking at pictures. Facebook has destroyed family relationships as people are too busy to even talk to each other at home.

Facebook has also destroyed friendships. People rely on Facebook to make new friends and catch up with their friends online. However, people have become too obsessed with their online lives, and this affects real-life friendships. In the past, one would invite their friends to lunch, and they would spend a whole afternoon talking about what was happening in each other’s lives. As smartphones and social media have become an essential part of life, it is common to find a whole group of friends sitting at one table, but each absorbed in Facebook. They have no time to speak to the friends seated right in front of them, but they would rather spend the whole time chatting with strangers online. This kind of situation has ruined friendships as people do not have time for each other anymore. Facebook is also an avenue for bullying, especially among friends. For example, when one falls out with one of their friends, they could resort to posting lies about them on Facebook as revenge, and this destroys their friendship.

In conclusion, Facebook is the worst thing to happen to relationships. The platform has destroyed relationships between friends, families, and romantic partners. The main reason for this is that Facebook is such a distraction, and it makes people forget what is going on around them. Virtual relationships can never replace real-life ones, and people should make an effort to connect with those around them more. Individuals should limit the amount of time they spend on social media and devote more time to their relationships in real life.

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