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It is apparent that any activity done by someone in the social media such as ‘like” in the Facebook can reveal a lot of personal information about an individual. Social media can expose some of the most bosom secrets from what they do publicly hence making it easy infers consumer’s race, sexuality and personality traits. For instance it may be easy to ascertain an individual’s preference by checking on their groups and likes. It is likely that the introduction of social media has reignited concern about the extent of personal secrecy particularly through outwardly inoffensive Facebook likes and online conducts. I tend to believe that social media users should change the way they use their accounts in respect to their privacy. It is important for the social media to inform their users about the revelation of their privacy by simply liking or suggesting music, movies and apps.

Indeed the initial thought I had about secrecy in the media was very wrong. It is unfortunate that Facebook has revealed a lot about the kind of person I am. There is a lot of information revealed to not only friends but also potential employers who would first find more about our personal lives before inviting us for an interview. Some of my comments concerning my current boss or company may appear negative and destructive. These kinds of data can taint an individual’s reputation even if someone tries to control Facebook security as long as you have befriended a few co-workers. It may be hard to play office politics because a Facebook page may reveal the people someone befriends in the office and the people you may avoid. An outsider may have access of my friends and judge me as per my friend’s characters whether bad or good.

My religious beliefs can also be revealed through my Facebook profile although I may regard it as unimportant issue people may project their opinions about me. Additionally, photos posted or uploaded in the Facebook may tell much about my characters and childhood behaviors. As much as I may post some pictures thinking that they are cute, I may loss some respect and undermined from the kind of dress or the background of the photographs. People may not respect me just because of the kind of photos I like, the music or artists I like and the groups I join in the Facebook. My photos reveal a lot about my fashion and trends as well as revealing information about changes in my life such as body weight fluctuations.

Interestingly, my age is also exposed and figured out easily. Through revelation of my high school reunion, class photos or even the kind of music or comments I make on my Facebook wall are enough to ascertain my age. In fact it may be easy for someone to determine my age through my uploaded photos. Furthermore, Facebook account may reveal my political affiliation through the comments or political ideas I support. Liking, making a donation to a certain political campaign, or liking specific parties may play an important role in defining my political affiliation. In most cases I am tempted to associate myself with a few politicians and this has indeed revealed the secrets about my political association.

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