Facilitating student learning

Facilitating student learning

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Facilitating student learning

1. In teaching and learning, teachers can combine the cognitive load theory principles, and the theory of multimedia learning to influence the earning of the students and make it effective. Through cognitive load theory and instruction, the teachers can facilitate learning through the provision of guidelines in the provision of information. Through this, the intellectual performance is improved through reducing the load of the working memory. The information in working memory is manipulated, and information processing is facilitated. Through the use of the theory of multimedia learning, effective instruction can be facilitated. This can be done through observation like the use of animations. Also, captioned illustrations can be used to improve performance. The building of verbal model and visual model by student, and the connections between them, can be facilitated through multimedia explanations. This will enhance understanding, which facilitates effective learning. This is built upon the principle that the students understand better when pictures and words are presented at the same time.

Baddeley (2010) brings out the relationship between long-term and working memory. In this video, he points out that a difference exists between long term and working memory. The emphasis that one can appreciate is that long term memory is can work without the activation of working memory. For example, procedural memories and motor skills are functions of long term memory that can effectively function without the assistance of working memory. The other aspect of memory that Baddeley emphasizes is experience. He argues that the episodic memory that is gained as a result of experience requires activation by the episodic buffer in learning new things. Further, individual differences are noticeable in the manipulation of information. Some individuals may not be able to manipulate information as others can.


Baddeley, A. (2010). How are long-term and working memory related? Retrieved online from YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k8Bgs8EarR0

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