Favorite Plant

Favorite Plant

Assigned: January 16

Favorite plants (or plants that you are at least interested in)

Prepare a brief summary of a favorite plant and where others can find information about this wonderful plant. 

Assignment 1 – Favorite Plant

Pull together the following information about your favorite plant:

Plant Name:



General description of your plant: (Include information on plant size, leaves, flowers, fruit, etc.  Use your own words to describe your plant, DO NOT simply cut and paste from online information).

Most interesting thing(s) about your plant: (What do you think in the most interesting thing about your plant and why is that aspect interesting?)

A story about you and your plant: (this can be a true story or one that you make up).

Web site(s) that has good information about your plant.

Photos of your plant. (2 to 6 photos of your plant that help with general description and what is most interesting about your plant.)