Here are a number of sentences that have a start and need your closing; “stem sentences” they are sometimes called. Please finish each so I will have better idea of how you think on these topics. If you don’t have any experience or memory on one or two of them, you don’t need to complete it. But of the ten, please complete at least eight.

If I were choosing to talk to a group of people and had to choose them on the basis of their age, I would choose people who are about _____ years old. And here’s the brief reason why. _____________________________________________________

The biggest challenge in speaking to a group of people who comes from many different ethnic backgrounds is ________________________________

When speaking to older people—folks in their seventies and eighties—you simply have to remember ____________________________________________.

If I had to choose between speaking to a group of people I already know versus a group in which I knew no one, I would definitely choose __________________________. And here’s why. ____________________________________________________

Unless people are required to attend a speech because they are students or work with a particular company that expects it, I would guess that most people go to hear a presentation because they __________________________________________________

If I were giving a speech and a large number of the audience were doing things on their cell phone, I would ___________________________________________________.

If I noticed a person in the audience looking puzzled while I was giving my speech, I would _______________________________________________________________

The more educated an audience is the more the speaker should ________________.

You can detect that you are going too long in a speech when people in the audience do these three or four things. __________________________________

When you know that many people in the audience are opposed to the position you are taking on your speech topic, you might ease the conflict early by doing a couple of things like (a)________________________________________ and (b)_______________.