Forecasting is an essential tool used by health care administrators to develop objectives and project plans.

Forecasting is an essential tool used by health care administrators to develop objectives and project plans.


Find a hospital website that has a mission statement. In one post of 150 words or more, include the following:


  • Post the name, location, and website link of the facility.
  • Develop two objectives for the facility. Explain why these objectives are essential to the success of the facility.


Please use Mercy Hospital, Iowa City IA





Mission statement: The mission statement, although usually published online for anyone to access, is generally intended for the employees of the organization. It gives them a “guide” to understand their purpose, or what they want to achieve. It tries to take the community’s needs and give a guide, to help employees to action. It is more general and the goals and objectives are created from the mission. According to the site referenced below, there are 7 elements to a good mission statement:


·  Key values and beliefs




·  Distinctive competence


·  Desired competitive position


·  Competitive strategy


·  Compelling goal/vision


·  Specific customers served and products or services offered


·  Concern for satisfying multiple stakeholders


Vision statement: It is easy to get this confused with the mission statement, because it also discusses the purpose of an organization, but really says what it is that the organization wants to be in the future, usually about 5 to 10 years out. It really helps to inspire and motivate employees.


Objectives: Objectives are the end goal for an organization. The guidelines, according, are as follows:


·  Must be clearly specified


·  Must be set taking into account the various factors affecting their achievement


·  Should be consistent with organizational mission


·  Should be rational and realistic rather than idealistic


·  Should be achievable but must provide challenge to those responsible for achievement


·  Should start with “to” and be followed by an action verb


·  Should be consistent over the period of time


·  Should be periodically reviewed


·  Should have hierarchy


The main error I see that the class is making is to make the objectives lofty and without a timeline or substance. The objectives need to be aligned with the mission statement.


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