Global Cash Management

Global Cash Management in Multinational Corporations

For this short paper, you will analyze the cash holdings and tax burden of your final project company. In addition, you will examine how the company handles repatriation.

This task is designed to provide background information for Section 3, Part D: Repatriation of Funds in the final project, which you will include in your global expansion proposal in Module Nine.

Repatriation of Funds(Section 3, Part D): Once the subsidiary starts earning profits, the money needs to be repatriated back to the parent company. Examine the

laws and regulations of the global market pertaining to repatriation. Identify any encumbrances on the repatriation of funds such as restrictions,

specific fund limits, repatriation intervals, etc

The company is Wal-Mart. Expansion to South Africa. One page for this work.

Plz watch and follow rubric.