global invasive species

The Objective:

Understand the top global invasive species, the damage they cause and what we can do to stop them.

For This Forum:

You can either use a search engine to find invasive species in your area (search for your state and invasive species) or you can visit:

  • Find an invasive species in your area or somewhere you have been – a plant, animal, insect, fungi.
  • Include the name of the species in the title of your post – before posting, make sure to check the list so that you do not choose the same species as your classmates!
  • Identify your geographic location and research your chosen species
  • Answer these questions:
    • What is the common and scientific name (properly formatted)?
    • Where did it originate?
    • How did it get to your chosen location (speculate if you don’t know)?
    • What characteristics of the species makes it successful?
    • What are the effected native species (any plants, animals, etc.)?
    • What efforts are underway to prevent the spread of the species?
    • What is one thing you learned from this research?