GS Matrix and Perceptual Map

Part III – Perceptual Map

  • Refer to the information on Perceptual Maps in Chapter 7 of the David text.
  • Follow Steps 1 through 5 in Chapter 7 and create a Perceptual Map similar to that in Figure 7-11 for your team’s company.
  • Utilize your Strategic-Planning Template to develop the Perceptual Map for your company.
  • In 100-150 words, summarize the information in Steps 4 and 5 in Chapter 7 and how it influences the firm’s strategy choices.


Part II – Grand Strategy Matrix

  • Follow guidelines provided in Chapter 6 of the David text to learn how to create a Grand Strategy Matrix. Specifically refer to Figure 6-13.
  • Use your Strategic-Planning Template to develop a Grand Strategy Matrix for your company.
  • Use the data you have compiled about your company throughout the course to assist you.
  • Specifically, rank the X axis from 1 (extremely weak competitive position) to 9 (extremely strong competitive position). Rank the Y axis from 1 (extremely slow market growth) to 9 (extremely rapid market growth).

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