Health Econ-Rationing Health Care

Health Econ-Rationing Health Care

The argument is made that healthcare is a right and individuals should not be confronted with some form of rationing mechanism. If the phrase “rationing health care” is used to describe how available health care services are allocated, many react with indignation because of exclusion of some desiring health care being unfairly, and often times, unnecessarily, denied access to services. However, there is a finite amount of services or goods available.

In organ transplant several factors determine who receives an organ. The organ must be a biological match.  The organ must be transported and implanted in the patient in a timely manner. Patients are screened before they are deemed suitable candidates. Waitlists are employed. The anti-rejection drugs that recipients take are costly.

In this assignment pretend one of your local papers just wrote an article against rationing health care. Write a letter to the editor of a local paper explaining why rationing is necessary in health care and how it is currently done in the US. State which entities you feel should be making these decisions and why. In addition, discuss what changes you think should be made to the rationing system.

Guidelines for submission: 500 words/ 11pt Times New Roman font/ 1 inch margins and 1.5 spacing. All citations and other formatting conventions should follow the most current version of AMA style. Follow rubric below for content.

Rubric Details:


Clearly explains why rationing is necessary in health care, how it is currently done in the U.S. and references reputable evidence to support claims



States which entities should be making rationing decisions and supports claims with reputable evidence


Discusses what changes should be made to the rationing system and supports claims with reputable evidence


Writing Mechanics–

Letter is organized, professional, and contains no grammatical errors


All cited sources are incorporated into student’s writing appropriately. All citations are in proper AMA style.