Hedging Foreign Currency Risks

INT 620 Hedging Foreign Currency Risks

HBR Case analysis suggestion:

As you are reading through this study, there are several questions you can think about:

Think about this questions – what is the main problem in the case? Or, are there couple of problems that the company needs to address? Great way to find out the central problem in any HBR study is:

·        Read the case and look at the first half of the case – that’s usually the background and summary of the company

·        Separate the short/anecdotal instances in cases – HBR likes to provide short descriptions about employees, executives in each case. This is a good way to analyze corporate structure, culture, overall environment.

·        Timeline – in any financial problem, timeline is crucial. Almost every HBR case has a timeline. Draw it and plot important steps from the case on the timeline.

Macro-Economic Environment Analysis

As you read through this case, answer your discussion board post and complete the short paper, you will notice that companies have to approach risks holistically and not address one single issue.  In other words, what is the environment the company operates in? This is called PESTEL: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal macro-economic factors.

Reference: https://www.professionalacademy.com/blogs-and-advice/marketing-theories—pestel-analysis

Questions to answer from this case:

1) How does volatility in foreign currencies may impact a company’s profit margin and competitive advantage in the marketplace?

2) If there is volatility in foreign currency – how does the company deal with it?

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