How can you improve security resilience in the Software Development Life Cycle

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1.In communications and network security aspects, securing the grid is very important. Suggest your opinion about grid vulnerabilities and threats and corresponding countermeasures to protect them.

2.What kind of attacks and mobile malware are dominant in mobile communications environment? Would you suggest some of your ideas to fight against them?

3.How can you get the best out of information security projects? Please suggest your ideas.

4.Do you think an organizational behavior including institutions can cultivate your information security program? Please show your rationale of your answer with supporting evidences.

5.How can you manage the security testing process on the service-oriented architecture? Is it possible or not?

6.How can you improve security resilience in the Software Development Life Cycle? Suggest your ideas.

7.What would be the best practice of applying the principles of cryptography in cloud computing? Suggest your ideas.

8.Do research about the five major cloud computing services and introduce their cloud computing security technologies and policies respectively.