How social media Affects Relationships

How social media Affects Relationships

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How social media Affects Relationships

Social media has been a very significant force in recent years. It has helped many people communicate efficiently with their friends and even at work or on other important occasions and issues. However, at the same time, social media has been a problematic good lousy development in the current world to maneuver around. This is because even though social media is generally considered good, it has its inherent negative issues that affect many people to a great extent (Butler, & Matook, 2015). Social media’s effect on some people is too much such that their lives are either based on social media, or they suffer the consequences of having too much of it. Even some people even die due to causes related to social media. Social media has a lot of lies and misdirection, which lead people astray. This paper discusses the means through which social media affects our relationships and how this makes our lives difficult every day.

Firstly, there are many different types of relationships, including family, friends, work, school, and other kinds of relationships. Family is usually the most important kind of relationship in many relationships. More than 60% of Americans feel that family is essential and should not be taken lightly and safeguarded (Thurrott, 2018). They also think that a person during their formative years should have a place they can call home, and that is why the United States department of children is always very keen on children who do not get adequate care and tries to provide for them. Social media affects families through different ways, and one of the most rampant ways is that people cheat on each other through social media, and a person can never know. For instance, a husband might be cheating on their wife but the wife will never know because the husband deletes messages and communicates with the person he is cheating with. This makes it very difficult to have a good relationship, especially when the wife notices.

Friendship is also a great relationship, and most people have friends. However, social media has made it such that having friends is not okay or the best thing since three are online friends we have never met. Even though this is a good thing for most people, it seems like people are just trying to fit in and cannot fully be aware of them, elves, and therefore, they search for online friends they will never meet (NCPR: North Country Public Radio, n.d.). This serves some people well, and it is an advantage. In contrast, to others, it is a distraction in that these people who have friends online might find it challenging to socialize physically, which psychologists consider the best kind of social interaction. We can also have fake friends who might easily talk about us through social media, thus destroying the friendship.

Social media affects work in several ways. Firstly, a person might be addicted to social media like TikTok, and they continue watching Tik-Tok videos during their time to work and because of this, they may not do what is required of them effectively (Butler, & Matook, 2015). This may also lead to procrastination, and they may eventually get fired. This makes it very difficult for the companies and other people to continue doing what is required of them since losing employees is not always suitable for any company. Social media even affects the political area as at some point; some people began distributing fake Twitter captions, which they claimed president trump had posted. Therefore, they made his name look bad when he never published such a thing in the real sense. Generally, social media is good, but it affects our daily lives, which at times are positive while at other times they are harmful.


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