How Technology Will Influence the Field of Pastry Arts.

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1 July 2020

How Technology Will Influence the Field of Pastry Arts.

How Technology Will Influence the Field of Pastry Arts.


Pastry arts encompass skillful and professional sections such as bakery, chef, salesperson, dietitian, cook, secretary, flight attendant, accountant designer, and chocolatier. Pastry arts majorly get employed by restaurants, large hotels, bakeries, different cafes, and bistros. A pastry chef is a trained and skillful professional tradesman and cook proficient in all aspects of food and always based on a specific cuisine. In this case, the professional approaches to making quality products require a trending technique of technology. As a pastry chef, technology will help me run my business in the areas of advertising, managing business finances, and finding new ideas.


Many small businesses today have taken advantage of technology to make their presence known in the market, which will be very useful for a pastry business. The pastry business can include platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Snapchat to expose their professional and skilled products. The social features are incredible tools for the pastry chef to communicate to the targeted customers and carry out a valid transaction (Bughin et al. 3). Ideally, customers would desire quality products and services from pastry chefs, where the social media tool aids in creating better consumer microsegments (Bughin et al. 13). Here, the pastry chef can achieve different sentiments from their customer, which also acts as a form of advertising their products.

Social media is one of the most powerful advertising tools that small business owners must take advantage of. The AIDA model has been used for online marketing, and the potential for social media is yet untapped (Hassan et al. 62). The technic of AIDA enables the customer to get an overview of the products of an organization. In this case, it communicates to the customer and advertises the company’s trending products and services. The site designation of the business needs to be professional and straightforward to navigate (Brown 69). Ideally, the customer can identify the logo, trend the pastry chef’s information, and answer the customer’s questions.

Technology is a very cheap or even free advertising tool that business owners can use even on a limited budget. The social media aids organization in developing optional and reliable approaches of transacting, which cuts costs hence reducing the budget (Bughin et al. 10). As a pastry chef, monetary transactions through social media are effective and less costly when advertising the products. Customers often desire fast and accessible services. In this case, social media is reliable since it cuts the cost of irrelevant employees in the pastry business (Westerman et al. 50). In some instances, the cost of advertisement through social media platforms is free.

With many people always on their smartphones, tablets, and computers, they will easily find the businesses advertised online. In this case, social media digitally advertises and enables an individual to access the physical location of the pastry business through mobile applications (Bughin et al. 9). Ideally, the customer can continuously identify where a commodity is and whether ambient circumstances have changed (Bughin et al. 3). The social media incorporated with the internet can include the use of FedEx’s SenseAware program that enables the customer to gain knowledge of the product they need from pastry business (Bughin et al. 5). Therefore, it will attract newly targeted and potential customers leading to pastry business success.

Managing Business Finances

Managing business finances is vital for the success of any business, and this also applies when one decides to run a pastry business either on a small or large scale. The individual needs to consider relevant factors such as replacing the traditional form of monetary transactions and using credible technology. It is a practical and straightforward approach for a pastry chef to incorporate financial activities in social media (Westerman et al. 75). The monitoring of finances in the business will allow the pastry chef to examine the growth in the market through technology.

A business owner has to keep track of all expenditures and income to find out if they are making a profit, and the software comes in handy for this. An attraction for buyers is an opening for pastry businesses to substitute a tremendous amount of capital investment with granular and more flexible operating expenditures (Bughin et al. 4). The use of technological tools, such as barcode readers and financial statements generated technologically, will allow the pastry business to view and gain knowledge of how finances get utilized. Therefore, the pastry chef can apply the use of accounting applications such as wave, Quickbooks Online, and FreshBooks to track the expenditures like; financial obligation and financial options, and credit facilities for the business.

Managing financial data is relevant for a pastry chef. Business owners can keep track of their financial obligations such as employee salaries, debts to be paid, and money owed to the business using technology (Bughin et al. 4). Ideally, advanced analytic software is an incredible technology that focuses on keeping massive data for businesses. In this case, the pastry chef can track and determine the number of employees requiring payment (Bughin et al. 4). The technology also provides a useful platform for the pastry chef to list goals and ideas on the website (Brown 28). Here, the pastry can determine whether the expenses and profits gained in the business.

Technology allows business owners to find financing options and credit facilities. It is relevant for a pastry chef to include the use of technology in the business to ensure that the customer has different options for carrying out financial activities. In this case, the pastry business needs to expand on mobile payments to make it easier for the customer to transact (Westerman 38). The customer would prefer accessing payment method through a cheaper means, that is, mobile payment technique (Westerman 38). Therefore, incorporating technology will positively influence the field of pastry arts due to financial reliability.

Finding New Ideas

Technology also helps those in the pastry business discover innovative ideas such as the most recent appliances and cooking methods. The technology will impact and enables pastry to access information through computers by allowing and individual to search and get the meaning of the desired concept (Bughin et al. 7). It is achieved through the understanding and processing of the machines. Therefore, technology is an impactive concept for gaining knowledge that pastry can apply in the business

A pastry chef can apply technology for pricing purposes in the business. The use of technology helps business owners find the best prices as they set up businesses such as appliances, which can even be sourced from overseas markets (Westerman et al. 27). Ideally, the technology can impact pastry chefs by comparing different websites for proper and (Brown 28). Therefore, accessing information is possible, and accessible through technology means has a decisive factor for a pastry chef.

People running a pastry business can rely on platforms such as YouTube to discover current trends and preferences in the market. Besides YouTube as a tool for advertising, pastry chefs can gain different information and apply them to improve their products (Westerman et al. 38). Customers often get ideas of products from the YouTube channel hence the desire to purchase them when they get interested. In this form, technology can improve pastry chefs’ skills and professionalism, hence a decisive factor for consideration.

Business owners can meet others in their field on the internet to share tips and ideas about their experiences and grow their businesses. Through technology, the desire to access someone has become more comfortable and faster. Pastry business needs to include different channels in its operation to communicate with other developed or undeveloped organization through emails, phones, and social media platforms. (Westerman et al. 42). Technology has made it simpler through internet connection such as WiFi connection hence making it faster for an organization to communicate with others (Westerman et al. 42). In this case, technology can impact pastry through accessible communication and the sharing of reliable ideas of the business.


Technology is essential in the running of any business, and it transforms the way a business operates. Technology in the pastry business is useful in marketing, managing finances, and discovering new ideas for the business. The pastry owners need to consider incorporating technology in their business for better growth. The pastry chef also needs to consider applying technology for the reduction of cost and gaining more customers.

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