How to be brave on social media

I met the two men behind these brave social media efforts last fall. See what you think, and comment on how a person or company should handle such issues:

Discussion Board Rubric:  Starting in Week 1, by each Weds. morning you’ll see a new business-discussion topic posted. This activity will be required each week, and the content will vary. You should do at least three posts per week—one original and two responses to others–worth a total 10 pts. (for 100 pts. overall), with your posts due by the following Tues. at 11:59 p.m. There are 10 Discussion Boards required.

Be sure to greet those to whom you’re responding; i.e., “Hi, Jane, I liked what you had to say…” Also, to earn your full 10 pts., be sure you write a couple of paragraphs, please.


a. Reflect on the discussion-board prompt. It is related to the course learning and the connections you are making. How will you apply this focus? What stands out for you? What questions do you have? What is new for you?

b. One-word expressions or short phrases that simply agree or disagree with another student are too minimal. 


10    The author explores several aspects of the material and makes connections. The writing includes specific examples, reflective thinking, and insights about the topics. The writer should create one post (or more) and respond to at least two others over the course of the week with constructive feedback and/or a connection, link or illustration. Do not just say, “You’re right” or “I agree”–make your comments count; they should be insightful.

8 The writing is adequately developed and includes one to two examples. The writer acknowledges and responds to at least two ideas posted by others.

6  The writer only summarizes the reading, includes one example, and responds to one other writer.

           4  The writing is not related to the reading or the prompt.

 2 The writing is haphazard and unfocused.