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Evaluative Annotated Bibliography: Practice

The purpose of this discussion is for you to practice identifying and evaluating scholarly articles for your Evaluative Annotated Bibliography assignment. Refer to the Library Research and Information Literacy Skills page and the Graduate-Level Evaluation Criteria in Resources as the basis for your search and evaluation.

For your initial post in this discussion, search for scholarly articles on the topic of your course project. For guidance on your search, review the explanations in the assignment preparation study in this unit. Then complete the following in your discussion post:

  • Identify at least three scholarly articles on your topic that appear to offer valuable insights.
  • Cite and reference the articles you found using APA formatting.
  • For each article, briefly explain what led you to believe that the article would be useful to you.
  • Choose one of the three articles, then, in a brief discussion of approximately 200 words, use the Graduate-Level Evaluation Criteria to evaluate the credibility, relevance, and potential bias of that article.

Since you will want to receive as much feedback as possible from your peers to help you prepare for your assignment in the next unit, it is to your advantage to complete your post early this week. In return, you should review your peers’ posts as early as possible so they can use your feedback to prepare for their assignments.

Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two of your peers’ posts and provide substantive feedback on their critical analyses. Review the steps used to provide the critical analysis and suggest additional insights that may not have emerged through their work. Make any additional suggestions that you believe will assist them in increasing the scholarly value of their critiques that they will apply to their Evaluative Annotated Bibliography assignment.


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