i have an assessment that i need to completes and its about youth culture.

i have an assessment that i need to completes and its about youth culture. i have to hypothetically reply to a facebook comment using 50-100words, I then have to write 1,100word justification/explanation of my response.

i need to include:

  • Identify the key issue(s) or idea(s) raised in the topic
  • Formulate an argument that supports or opposes these key ideas
  • Respond directly to the ideas raised in these posts, with specific reference to at
  • least one individual comment from the stimulus provided

here is the article i was given and the facebook comments – I have to either agree or disagree agree with one of the comments.





“Silly little girl! you’ll one day grow up and realise that not everyone has the same opinion as you but you’ll still have to work alongside or co-exist with them. It’s called maturity.”


“As a matured adult; standing up for your principles is important. Authenticity counts for everything. Our you is amazing – and when the old codgers finally move on these are the people that will make our country. More power to them! it’s a meaningless award an as an employer I would embrace a person that turned it down to stand their ground on equality.”

I’m a bit confused as to how to structure the whole essay and what ideas too put in… if i could have some help it would be much appreciated.

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