In having an idea on improving patient care and wanting to approach upper management for support, one could approach management using the following communications tools.

1-In having an idea on improving patient care and wanting to approach upper management for support, one could approach management using the following communications tools. Prior to approaching upper management with a quality improvement idea using oral communication, one would have to conduct research on the topic gathering all facts and necessary data. One could reach out to upper management using written business communication via e-mail requesting a meeting to present the idea (GCU, 2018). The e-mail should be clear, short, and concise containing a brief explanation stating the reason for the meeting in which one will briefly present the quality improvement idea, background information and the importance of why action and support is needed, including how this will improve patient outcomes (GCU, 2018).

During the initial meeting with upper management, one would use both verbal communication, and technology, by the use of a PowerPoint presentation, in order to gain support (GCU, 2018) all while trying to remain calm and focused while speaking in front of a group. The PowerPoint presentation should include the objectives of the idea/project, any supported data based on evidence-based practice, what the idea consists of and why it would improve patient care, the support and/or funds required, and projected patient and financial outcomes.

It may take a few meetings prior to management agreeing with the project. They may come back at you with different ideas and/or suggestions of how one should proceed, however if you believe in your project you will choose your battles and hold firm on aspects of the project that you believe to be true. We must not forget that we work on the unit, we know the staff, we know the routine, and we know what is, and what is not being done on the unit.


Grand Canyon University [GCU] (2018). NRS-451V Lecture 2: Roles and Responsibilities in Leadership and Management. Retrieved from


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2-Effective communication is essential for understanding and interpreting information, perceptions, and meaning from person to person (Huber, 2014). When proposing an idea to upper management to support and fund, the style of communication will need to be direct and strategic for your vision to be seriously considered. After researching your audience and preferred style of presentation, you will develop the proper medium for your presentation to be most effective. Strategic planning and a written plan are used to determine how to maximize the delivered message (Huber, 2014). Many people choose to do a powerpoint presentation, utilize visual boards, or make handouts that will allow the management to share your vision. Benefits to using a visual medium will be that management will have a clear idea of what you are proposing and will be able to take home and ponder the issue. Including evidence based research and positive outcomes can be utilized as leverage for your proposal. Tools that are effective for getting the management team to share your vision would be using strategies such as persuasion and negotiation. According to Huber (2014), people are more willing to commit themselves when they see personal benefits. If you can prove that your idea will not only help the unit, but also benefit the upper management team, they will likely support and fund your idea.

Huber, D. (2014). Leadership and nursing care management (5 th ed.). St. Louis: Elsevier


3-Patient safety is one of our high reliability organization (HRO) topics of concern in today’s healthcare.  From the many ways to improve patient safety, I would pick one idea to bring to the upper management to support and fund.  First I would research the latest evidence base practice with statistics and outcomes: collect strong facts and data to support your idea.  Then discuss the idea with my manager to bring a change in our unit through effective communication. Get to the point; be clear and specific so that your listeners don’t get impatience.  Managers want to know the benefits for the patient and not just data (Grant, 2017). As a caring person and nurse, I would be a servant leader and want and have the desire to serve my patients.

I would communicate my idea for patient safety to the upper management through a power point presentation.  I believe this is the best approach for managers to see my proposal clearly and to succeed in their support and funding. I will present with empathy by listening to comments and recommendations.  Emotional intelligence and stewardship plays an important to built trust and promise for our patients.  My mission and values will be clearly identified to lead to higher satisfaction of patient care/safety by creating goals and facilitating decision making contribution to my organization (Lecture 3, 2013).

Each color slide with diagrams, pictures, graphs and charts will contain:

  1. Reason      for an improvement
  2. State      the current practice
  3. State      the improved evidence base practice
  4. State      patient improve outcomes
  5. State      the objectives
  6. Give      a time frame
  7. Piloting      the idea on one unit at a time
  8. Evaluation      and feedback of practice

I would also make my power point presentation into a handbook for members of management and coworkers for any suggestions, comments or changes.


Grant. A (2016) Your Guide to Communicating with Upper Management. Fast Company. Retrieved from

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