Injury Prevention


I just need to 2 responses to the Discussions, and about 100 words for each responses.


1. The Las Vegas incident was an infamous event that should have never happened. Although it was an unfortunate incident, public health programs can be provided and developed for future preventions. New programs can be developed in ways to prevent shootings to occur by giving resources and knowledge on how to protect themselves from these incidences. There have been way too many shooting incidents and this should start with the government rather than the public health programs. Once the government has made a move then public health programs should follow and begin to develop programs to help prevent future catastrophes. The type of injuries that can result from this incident are shot wounds, broken bones from running and tripping over themselves because people were in panic mode and had to run for their lives. First responders can be exposed to shot wounds and broken bones as well. Furthermore, each individual should take a stand in helping build and develop public health programs for those affected by catastrophes such as the Las Vegas shooting. It’s imperative that the government should take action in furthering protecting it’s citizens from horrific events because if no one takes action then more incidents like these will continue to occur.

2.  The checklist I chose came from Department of Transportation cite. I live in a rural part of Kentucky, where the average person who lives outside of city limits, lives miles away from a proper walkway/sidewalk. If I wanted to walk on a sidewalk I could have to drive into the city and find a place to start and then decide a place to stop. While most people would say go to the local park, I would not take my child there, because the small inadequate parks that are available are drug riddled and you do not know what kind of shady people will be there. Two things that can be done to improve my community are safer parks, so cleaning up the high drug areas would be important, but difficult. Secondly what sidewalks there are would need to be significantly repaired, as the current sidewalks are cracked and extremely difficult to push a stroller on. I have learned that within my community the only people who do walk and utilize are those with either no transportation (can’t drive for various reasons) or those that are begging on the side of the road (this is not uncommon, but it is however rare.) A second thing I have learned is that the sketchy parks are located near apartment complexes that have the cops called to on at least a weekly basis for various drug related circumstances. I believe this was done in order to help the children that live in those situations have a way to go and play outside, but it makes for an unsafe environment for those children and my own. Unfortunatel, I do not see any of this changing in the near future, so just getting up and going walking where I live currently has to be back in the field with no stroller, so I’ll have to wait until my baby is a little more capable.

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