International Banking & Insurance Project

FIN11107 – International Banking & Insurance Project

A. Project background

On the 23 June 2016 in the referendum the people of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. This result shattered both political and economic landscape of Europe and the World. However, from formal point of view the process of leaving does not seem to be an easy task. Furthermore, until the UK uses required procedural steps the process does not formally start. Experts assumed that the whole process of “divorce” might not end until 2020.

B. Project question

Analyse potential impact of the Brexiton theFinancial Services Industry in the UK especially its international dimension. In the analysis, you can focus either on Banking or Insurance services. Alternatively, you can write about the whole Financial Services sector.

C. Project specifications

  1. Identify and describe theory behind the economic integration. Support your analysis with statistical data between the EU-27 plus the EEA and the UK especially in the financial services.
  2. Identify possible models of economic relations between the UK and EU-27 plus the EEA after the Brexit with special reference to the financial services.
  3. Identify theoretical opportunities and threats posed by the Brexit which the the sector could face in different scenarios.

D. Project 1 Submission Guidelines

Length 2,500 words, +/- 10%
(excluding tables, graphs, footnotes and   references)
Presentation Arial 12 fonts, 1 ½ spacing,  justified text
References A minimum of 20 references using APA Referencing style
(articles, textbooks, official data and information sources)
Submission deadline 23.59 Thursday, 14 March 2018

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