Introduction to Political Science

Introduction to Political Science

3 Questions in Part 1 and 3 Questions in part 2

Part I. Political Science.

This week, your requirement is to read an article titled, “Introduction to Political Science”, watch a short video, “What is Political Science?” and peruse the American Political Science Association (APSA) webpage dedicated to students. (material will be uploaded later)

The Discussion Questions:

1. In your own words, why is it necessary for us to study politics as a scientific discipline?

2. The “Introduction to Political Science” article discusses different sub-disciplines that fall under the ‘umbrella’ of political science (also known as “sub-fields”). Which sub-field appeals to you most? Describe why in some detail.

3. Find a current news story that illustrates this sub-field “in action” (the one that appealed to you the most). Provide a brief description of the news story with an explanation of what political science topic is being addressed. Please include the link to the news article.

Part II.  Short Answer

4.  What is the APA style and why is it important in scientific writing? (Maximum: 2 paragraphs) (see of you can find some useful infromation in Ch 3 from this book )

5.  In your own words, explain one of the major points from Dr. E’s Gerontology lecture (Maximum 1 paragraph) (last weeks assignment,I will upload the material)

6.  Explain one of the major points made by Professor Tamir Sukkary in his lecture, “Introduction to Political Science” and describe how you can incorporate this knowledge into the way you currently think about the world (Maximum: 2 paragraphs) (retaled to part 1)