Is Technology Hazardous to Human Values

Is Technology Hazardous to Human Values?

  • This module explores the interactions between the development and application of technology and social values. Please first read pages 71 – 90 in your textbook. Then open this folder to read the lesson ‘Is Technology Hazardous to Human Values?’ and to view the videos associated with this lesson. Please note, there are a large number of readings and videos associated with this module. I don’t expect you to read or view all of them. However, you should read and view enough of them to complete the assignment identified in this folder.
  • Assignment: Please develop a four to six page paper to answer the question should the development of technology be influenced by religious and social values. In this paper, you may illustrate that both should influence it, or it should be influenced only by religious views, or it should be influenced only by scientific facts. In whatever perspective you take, you must provide illustrative examples of why you have taken this position. Please use resources found in texts, on the web, etc. Please also provide your sources in APA format, and submit your assignment to this drop box in Microsoft Word.