Leadership for Quality and Safety Web Quest

Leadership for Quality and Safety Web Quest

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National Patient Safety Goals;

Questions    Responses
1.    From the 9 identified areas of practices, choose one area that most closely relates to your area of practice, clinical experience, or interest.
2.    Pick and list one for the patient safety goals from the identified area.
3.    How does this goal currently impact you in your area of practice, clinical experience, or area of interest?
4.    Do you think these programs and goals are important? Why or why not?
5.    From your perspective, how have these programs and goals impacted patient quality and safety
Stop #1 – The Joint Commission

Speak-Up™ Initiative
Questions    Responses
1.    What do you think about the Speak Up program?
2.    Which brochure did you choose from the list provided?
3.    Do you think this brochure would be helpful to a patient? Why or why not?
4.    Do you think that educated patients have better outcomes? Why?

Center for Transforming Healthcare
Questions    Responses
1.    Are you surprised that hand hygiene is still a quality focus after all these years? Why or why not?
2.    So, why doesn’t everyone wash? How as a leader in your organization do you ensure compliance?
3.    Have you seen some for of “ Safe Hand-off” occurring in your area of practice or clinical experience? Do you think this is an important initiative?

Stop #2 – National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI)
1.    Did you know that there are Nursing Quality Indicators? If so, how did you know?
2.    Is your place of employment currently participating with NDNQI? If yes, go to number 3. If no, skip number 3 and go to number 4.
3.    Explain how your organization is currently involved.How is the leadership within your organization promoting the use of this database?How do you see its use impacting patient safety?
4.    Explain how you as a leader could convince your organization to participate with the NDNQI? Discuss why you think your organization would benefit from this database. How could it be used to enhance patient safety.

Stop #3 – The Institute of Medicine (IOM) and The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)
This is probably the most important item within the WebQuest. This link is about the changes that nursing is currently undergoing and the information in these links affects how nurses practice.
Questions    Responses
1.    One of the recommendations is to increase the proportion of nurses with baccalaureate degrees by 2020. Were you aware of this recommendation? If so, did it influence your decision to pursue your baccalaureate degree?
2.    If it did not directly influence your decision, can you think of any ways that it may have indirectly impacted your pursuit of a baccalaureate degree?
3.    What are the reasons you are currently pursuing your baccalaureate degree?
4.    As a leader, would you encourage your employees to pursue a baccalaureate degree or higher? If so, what are some strategies you would use to promote the advancement of education

Stop #4 – Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)
Questions    Responses
1.    Have you heard of the 5 Million Lives Campaign prior to this assignment? If so, how did you find out about it?
2.    How many of the 5 Million Lives initiatives do you see implemented in your practice area or clinical experience? List the initiatives that you see implemented.
3.    Of the areas listed to reduce harm and deaths, choose one are and explain how you, as a leader, could encourage the implementation of the initiative in your practice area or clinical experience?

Stop #5 – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)
Questions    Responses
1.    Does your health system or place of employment have a Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) position? What role do you see this position playing in improving the quality and safety of nursing care?
2.    Choose 1 tool or strategy from Chapter 44 and describe it in your own words. Have you seen this tool used in your practice setting?
3.    Now that you watched the video, do you think that baccalaureate level of education will become the norm for patient or health education in the future?
4.    Have you had a patient ask you to wash your hands or clean your stethoscope?
5.    Think about how you currently move and function within the healthcare setting. Can you think of any changes you could make to demonstrate patient quality and safety? Are there any changes that could be made from a leadership perspective with you acting in a leadership role?

Stop #6 – Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN)
Questions    Responses
1.    As a leader within your organization, how would you use this site to improve quality and safety within your healthcare setting?
2.    Chosen question from Video Segment 1. Please provide your chosen question and answer.
3.    Chosen question from Video Segment 2. Please provide your chosen question and answer.
4.    Chosen question from Video Segment 3. Please provide your chosen question and answer.
5.    Chosen question from Video Segment 4. Please provide your chosen question and answer.
6.    Chosen question from Video Segment 5. Please provide your chosen question and answer.

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