Lord’s The Masters tool

Lord’s The Masters tool

Writing response essay, read these two essys:

1. Lord’s The Masters tool

2. http://www.edchange.org/multicultural/speeches/mal…

Writing requirement:

Reading Responses will help direct our discussion in class, as well as ensure that you are developing your own understandings of the texts we read. Your reading journal entries will be due at the beginning of class on the day they are listed on the course schedule. Each entry is worth 5 points and must include the clearly distinguishable components:

1)(1 point) Question @ Issue:At least one “question at issue” inspired by the reading. Choose a question that the reading raises – either a question explicitly posed by the author, or a question that the reading raises for you. The question is valid if it cannot be answered in a yes or no, but rather gives rise to a debate-able topic or position.

2)(1 point)Enthymeme:a opinionated statement of yoursor the author’s (in other words, what do you think about the issue or what does the author think about it?). This sentence must be in the form of an enthymeme: ([Shared Term] [Claim] because [Shared Term] [Reason])

3)(2 points) Quote:supply one quotation from the work that relates to this question. Here, you earn one point for the quotation and one point for properly setting up the quote and analyzing it.When citing a text, be sure you understand its meaning and context.You need to: 1) Introduce the quote in your own words2) Present the quote in quotations with citation3) Explain the quote For example, a paragraph that argues that violent computer games should not be considered play could read:(introducing the quote with relevance to argument !) In the essay entitled “The Military-Nintendo Complex,”John Naisbitt agrees that violent computer games make killing a habitual experience because (presenting the quote and citing!) “Computer simulation trains and conditions our young more like soldiers killing and less like children playing catch” (85). (explaining the quote!) Naisbitt critiques violent video games as less a kind of “play” and more a boot-camp training that encourages anti-social or aggressive behavior in youth.

4)(1 point) Citation:The MLA citation for the work at hand and appropriate citations throughout. .