Management in diversity

Individual Presentation and Academic Report

Many people feel that they work very hard and don’t seem to get anywhere in their careers, Creating SMART goals and following them is suggested as key steps one could take on a direction of travel towards career success.

Create your own SMART goals identifying your long, medium, short and immediate goals. You are required to present your SMART objectives in form of a presentation not exceeding 10 slides.

You are the required to:

  1. a)Prepare 10 Power Point Slides with notes not exceeding 1000 words in total.
  2. b)The individual presentation should last no more than 15 minutes.
  3. c)Students will be questioned on the different aspects of their presentation in relation to the assignment task.
  4. d)Include an evaluation of the management implications associated with the management in diversity.
  5. e)Include practical recommendations of how effective management of diversity can be enhanced for better organisational performance.




Notes for Undertaking the Assignment:

ü  Prepare a maximum of 10 Power Point (PPT) Slides with notes for presentation purposes.

ü  The PPT slides (soft copy) should be submitted on Turnitin under the Individual Presentation Link and also utilised on the day of presentation T.B.A. with accompanying hard copy.

ü  Students are expected to demonstrate a critical review of the literature related to workforce diversity and specifically the use of groups in such a process from a range of academic sources.

ü  The relevant academic models; theories; processes and associated concepts workforce diversity and management strategies in the business environment.

ü  The relevant academic models; theories and associated concepts of workforce diversity and management strategies in the business environment should be evaluated.

ü  Students are expected to draw upon relevant organisational examples from the corporate world to demonstrate their understanding of; and the practical implications of the different aspects of workforce diversity management to the business organisation under investigation.

ü  Students are encouraged to make use of contemporary sources for examples and literature.