Managing change on District Nursing

Topic: Managing change on District Nursing

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Essay requirements:
Prepare a written essay which critically analyses the problem/ issue, your proposed management strategy and the way in which you managed and implemented the change. It is important to include information about your chosen leadership style, your application of change management strategies and the anticipated outcome.
My project:
Issues identified: 75% of service users did not have a care plan or risk assessment completed, therefore quality of care delivered was seriously compromised. Additional audits and quality indicators proved that the team was under performing. Group on a Storming stage (Tuckman model)
Staff high depending on Team Leader to make a clinical decision.
Team Leader, very strict Autocratic Leadership style.
Aim-Anticipated outcome: All new service users have a care plan and risk assessment completed on admission which will empower self-care, increment quality of care delivered and improve service users independence.
Group development upgrade from Storming to a Norming stage.
Increased staff confidence on making clinical decision via the application of motivational behaviour skills. Being able to recognise and pull the triggers that motivates an individual to action. Less reliability on the Team Leader.
Model of change used/needed: Kotter´s 8 steps model of change.
Leadership style: Transformational and Democratic. However some autocratic aspects would be needed to implement the change effectively.
Proposed management strategy:
Via an Action Plan that comprehend – assessment, planning, education, monitoring and evaluation (further details see additional files)
Tutor feedback: The content of the essay is largely descriptive and opportunities for analysis have been missed e.g. you state that you have used the Kotter model of change however, there is very little information to illustrate how you used it. You have merely stated that you have used it. Several statements illustrate misunderstanding e.g. you state that you created a separate meeting with the staff without the team leader. How do you think this fits into the change model in terms of avoiding resistence, how do you think it impacted on the staff and there acknowledgement of the person with authority? It is important to acknowledge your line of authority when managing and leading change. This is not evident in your essay.
There is some discussion about your recognition of autocratic leadership style in the actions of the team leader and how you chose to avoid this in your change project, however, again more information is needed about how you used your chosen leadership style and what this was? How did the staff respond to your requirement for them to write a reflective account and your supervision of thier practice? This suggests a leadership style that is not democratic.
There are several errors in terms of your sentence construction, spelling, grammar, and your choice of words that change the meaning of what you are trying to say. It is difficult to identify the points that you are making. It is important that you seek assistance from student services with written English. e.g. what are bimestrial record keeping audits?
Marking Criteria will be added on additional files.

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