Mentoring and Peer Support

SOCW 6111 Week 9 Discussion Mentoring and Peer Support

Adolescence is a time of trials and tribulations. Teens are dealing with the formation of self and identifying who they are in the world. They are also experiencing biological changes that create mood swings and at times emotional outbursts. Interventions for this group can be challenging, as adolescents often avoid asking for assistance. This avoidance is due to their desire to look normal and fit in. As a result, peer group and mentoring programs appear to be the most beneficial in helping adolescents. These settings offer the support teens need along with the validation that they are not alone in their struggles. Some of the main concerns for adolescents are depression, suicide, self-esteem, and self-confidence.

· Post an Internet-based intervention used with adolescents and locate an article on the use of mentoring or peer support programs for adolescents.

· Describe the intervention and the underlying theory. 

· Identify the target behaviors that this intervention is used to address. Assess the intervention and then compare and contrast these interventions. 

· Finally, describe the strengths and weaknesses of each intervention