MH685 Ashworth College Health Care Security and HIPAA Health Paper 4

Activity 4: HIPAA Health (100 points)

Research at least three (3) articles on HIPAA since implementation of HIPAA’s final rule in 2003. Possible research topics include compliance, enforcement, costs, and changes to the law. Perform the following for each of the three (3) articles. (100 points) (A 3-page response is required.)

Part A

Summarize the contents of the article. (30 points)

Part B

Discuss whether the article instills confidence in you about the HIPAA program and the protection of your privacy and personal information. Explain why or why not. (30 points)

Part C

Discuss at least two (2) actions you would recommend to improve compliance with and/or enforcement of HIPAA in the health care community. Provide adequate support to justify your recommendations. (40 Points)

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