MIT Technology Review…

After reading the MIT article regarding gene editing, I would like you to discuss some of your thoughts regarding gene editing in a discussion board post. Pleaese consider the following topics:

  • Consider this quote from the article: “As scientists we want to know if it’s feasible, but then we get into the bigger questions, and it’s not a science question – it’s a society question.” Based on what you have read do you think this is a technology that we should continue to research?
  • What are the pros/cons and potential dangers of gene editing in humans.
  • What are some current things going on in the world of gene editing with regards to policy, research, or medicine?

Consider everything you have learned so far regarding not only the need to properly replicate and conserve DNA, but also the results of certain changes to DNA on resulting proteins.

Please write approximately 500 words using academically credible resources. Cite at least 1 reference.

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