Multiple neurodevelopmental disabilities

Multiple neurodevelopmental disabilities

This assignment contains three parts: Interview Preliminaries, Interview Considerations, and Interview Summation Treatment.

Part I: Interview Preliminaries

Visit a school or mental health program for children with severe and/or multiple nuerodevelopmental disabilities. Interview teachers, staff, or clinical personnel.

The interview should contain the following:

  1. As the interviewer, pose the question to the respondent(s).
  2. Write the respondent(s) answer.
  3. Provide follow-up questions as necessary along with subsequent responses.

Part II: Interview Considerations

  1. What are the students’ primary needs?
  2. What characteristics, traits, and behaviors are exhibited by “special needs” children?
  3. What are the medical implications?
  4. What are the psychological implications?
  5. What are the implications in terms of setting (school environment versus clinical)?
  6. What are the teachers’ and or clinicians’ responsibilities?
  7. Describe the teachers’ and clinicians’ interactions and activities with the children.

Part III: Interview Summation Treatment

Write a 1,250-1,500-word summation about the information gleaned from the interview process. Include information from interviews (e.g., direct quotes, epiphany moments that may have changed the way you view children with mental and/or neurodevelopmental disabilities in the educational and/or clinical setting).

Use the GCU Library databases; include a minimum of four outside references or other resources for evidentiary support.