Nurse Educator instructional design models used in curriculum design


Question 1: Summarize two instructional design models (in your own words) used in curriculum design. Provide an example of when the nurse educator would use one of the instructional design models.

Gagne’s Instructional Design Model

ADDIE Instructional Design Model

Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: QSEN Model of Instructional Design

ASSUR Model of Instructional Design


Question2: Identify three teaching strategies utilized by the nurse educator. Explain when the nurse educator would use each of the teaching strategies within various environments of learning.

Each discussion response is to be 200-300 words. Typically, the discussion question for each week asks you to respond to several (2-4) key point (multidimensional question) and rarely is a one-dimensional question.

Please proofread response carefully for grammar and spelling.All responses need to be supported by a minimum of 2 scholarly resource (text or peer reviewed journal). In-text Citation is a must and reference must adhere to APA format (6th ed.).Do not have a separate reference page. All references need to be added under the corresponding questions.

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