Nurses can use group power strategies such as networking, connecting, and collaborating to achieve professional goals and contribute to the welfare of patients as well as to the health of the population

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Nurses can use group power strategies such as networking, connecting, and collaborating to achieve professional goals and contribute to the welfare of patients as well as to the health of the population (Huber, 2014). Personal affiliations and networking are essential for multiple reasons, as it allows for the idea and strategy sharing. I think of networking as a way of managing own life. I frequently ask the co-workers for advice on what has worked for them in their units and how they have found success; this networking has been so helpful in the career. Another big part of personal affiliations and networking is own involvement in professional organizations. This current information and idea sharing can have a significant impact on and manager. I joined the ENA (Emergency Nurse Association) when I was still a bedside nurse and have continued my membership into my career as a director; I find that it is an excellent resource for idea sharing. There is so much evidence-based practice that is available through the ENA, and found that extremely helpful and saw it continue to benefit in the career in the future.

Another professional organization that I became a member is Association of California nursing Leaders, ACNL. Through them, went to the conference of nursing students, where issues essential to nursing students such as LGBT and gender rights and allocation of help to drug users. Living in Los Angeles area for a while, I gave speeches there for the national nursing community on the importance of the issues. Even after many speeches and voting, the audience showed divisions on the issue.

Leadership networks provide information, networking, and professional development for nursing school faculty and staff. The Networks bring peer professionals together to share best practices and success stories, sharpen leadership skills, and take full advantage of multiple resources (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2014). Professionals who are engaged in a variety of functions within the nursing are in tune with networks across nursing. There has been a massive push in the workplace organization for nurses to get involved and enrich themselves as professionals.

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Nursing world requires teamwork and building relationships to achieve set-up goals. Collaboration with other multidisciplinary professions is important in order to provide the best care to the patients. “Within organizations, the power of connections comes from networking or knowing people and from being able to go across lines literally to gather information” (Huber, 2013, p. 163). In order to have a successful nursing career, it is paramount to establish connections with other professionals and influential people .In order for the nurses to grow professionally networking with other experts is important. Nurses should affiliate themselves with professional organizations such as American Nurses Association and other nursing groups so that they can learn and share knowledge to keep them stay current on health matters. “Professional organizations and association in nursing are critical for generating energy, flow of ideas and proactive work needed to maintain a healthy profession that advocates for the needs of its clients and nurses, and the trust of the society (Mathew, 2012, para. 1). These professional organizations or associations offer continued education through seminars or bulletins that allow nurses to gain knowledge and broaden their career. The organizations also promote nursing to the public. Through the knowledge and skills that are gained from these affiliations, nurses can become leaders in their respective organizations. When networking is used properly and privacy of others maintained, it could enable an individual to grow both personally and professionally. Networking gives the nurses opportunity to socialize and feel the sense of belonging in a group. It is satisfying when one connects with other people who share the same passion, experiences and aiming to achieve the same goals.

Through networking nurses share ideas and discuss nursing matters that help us improve the nursing practices for the best outcome of our patients. Constant interaction can help nurses gain confidence and feel empowered. Networking also opens doors of job opportunities and helps nurses advance in  their career. Through social interactions, such as social media, positive comments about nurses and their profession can inspire others and encourage them to join the nursing profession.

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