Operations and Supply Chain Mangement

The following questions:

1) Explain the economic analysis of the various activities associated with developing a new product.

(At least 200 words with reference, in text citation APA)

2) Provide a complete explanation of the product design process.

(At least 200 words with reference, APA)

3)List the type of stakeholders that would be considered in a payoff analysis. What are benefits of using balanced scorecard, and process dashboards?

(At least 75 Words)

4)What recent changes have caused supply chain management to gain importance?

(At least 75 words)

5)As a supplier, which factors about a buyer (your potential customer) would you consider to be important in setting up a long-term relationship? (At least 75 words) 6)What motivations typically cause firms to initiate a facilities location or relocation project? (at Least 200 Words) 7)How do facility location decisions differ for service facilities and manufacturing plants? (At least 200 words) 8)Discuss the importance of the master production schedule in an MRP system. (75 words) 9)Product A is an end item and is made from two units of B and four of C. B is made of three units of D and two of E. C is made of two units of F and two of E. A has a lead-time of one week. B, C, and E have lead times of two weeks, and D and F have lead times of three weeks. Show the bill of materials (product tree structure).

10) If you are in the business of making roller skates, would the wheels needed be dependent or independent on the production levels? Would the demand for roller skates be dependent or independent?

11)In cases where demand is difficult to predict, which probability models would you use so that the risk associated with stock out is managed? Briefly describe how each model would be used.

12)You have a product in which inventory is taken frequently, rather than once or twice per year. Under what cases could your inventory of this product be computerized?

13)Assume you are building custom motorcycles. All custom bikes use some standard parts. Part number HD-60 is stocked in your inventory of component parts. Each year you use about 2,000 HD-60 components at a cost of $25 each. Storage costs, which include insurance and cost of capital, amount to $5 per unit of average inventory. Every time an order is placed for HD-60 components, it costs $10.

(a) How many items of HD-60 should be ordered at a time?
(b) What are the annual costs of ordering HD-60 components?
(c) What is the annual cost of storing HD-60 components?

Your response should be at least 75 words in length. You are required to use at least your textbook as source material for your response. All sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations.