Ozonation Water Treatment System

While the current Drinking Water Regulations specify parametric values for various chemicals in the treatment of drinking water, compliance with microbiological parametric values are of primary concern in the protection of human health from drinking water.

Different disinfectant technologies can be used to manage the source risks consequent to the presence of organic and inorganic impurities in source waters and to meet the pathogen inactivation demands of a water supply system. Write about Ozonation water treatment system technology and follow the guidelines below:


Abstract should be an essay type of narration (not exceeding two pages or more than 300 words) outlining the research problem, the methodology and a summary of the findings

Chapter 1:

– Introduction

– Background of the research topic

– The issues surrounding the research topic, and environmental impact

– Other relevant information related to the research topic

– Site selection and lay out

Chapter 2:

– Literature Survey

– Health and Safety Executive HSE

– Summary of Literature Review

Chapter 3:

– Theoretical Background

– Concepts

– Methodology

– Design

– Modeling

Chapter 4:

– Qualitative analysis

– Design

– Process flow diagram and explanation

Chapter 5:

– Modeling and Simulation

– Experimental study

– Calculations:

* Mass balance

* Energy Balance

* Process equipment design

* Cost estimation

* Process control

– discussion as applicable

Chapter 6:

– Recommendation

– Conclusions

– Scope for future work

*** Word count = 10000 words

*** In-text citations and references using CU-Harvaed style.

*** Book of “Ozonation of Water and Waste Water” has been uploaded as attachment you can refer to it.

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