Palm Beach State College Legal Issues and Role of Development PPT

Outline needed for these

Also a powerpoint with pictures

  1. Understand the function of a state board of nursing
  2. Describe your responsibility for obtaining and maintaining your license
  3. Research and discuss the scope of practice of limitations on your license
  4. Be able to identify the element of nursing negligence and how each element is proven in a negligence claim
  5. Incorporate an understanding of legal risks into your nursing practice and recognize how to minimize these risks
  6. Discuss the concerns surrounding criminal charges in nursing practice
  7. Identify legal issues involved in the medical record and your documentation, including the use of electronic medical records
  8. Understand the legal concepts such as informed consent and advance directives
  9. Take an active role in improving the quality of health care as required by legal standards
  10. Participate as a professional when dealing with nurses who are impaired or functioning dangerously in the work setting
  11. Discuss the concerns surrounding at least two legal issues in nursing practice.

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