PARTI Directions: Read the prompts below andformulate a response of at least one half of one page in length for eachquestion. Please show references…


1.      Compareand contrast routine criminal investigative techniques with terrorist-type investigativetechniques for clandestine operations.

2.      Youare in charge of the department’s preparedness planning unit. What would beneeded to create and organize a command center for the deployment of yourwell-written contingency plan?

3.      Explainhow to create and organize a command center for the deployment of awell-written contingency plan to address the key issues.

4.      Anticipatehandling a full-fledged terrorist attack when it occurs in your jurisdiction(the hospital is bombed). List the steps that you would take if you were incommand and responsible for the terrorist incident.

5.      Terroristattacks are high-profile crimes that will draw the response of every local,county, state, and federal agency. Talk about crisis preparation in all thesejurisdictions including dealing with the media.

6.      Howdoes one transition from the crisis response to dealing with leads?


Directions: When a crisis occurs it is toolate to prepare.  Preplanning is key tothe successful handling of any crisis incident. For this assignment, you are to explain a contingency plan and how it isapplied.  In addition to this, you are todescribe in detail the different types of preparation exercise and how theyassist in preparing an agency for response. Be sure to include the duties of the agency’s personnel and whattechniques you would use to be successful.

Your paper should be 2 to 3 pages in length notincluding the title page and the references page.  Citations, references, formatting should bein accordance with APA guidelines. 

Running Head: CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE TECHNIQUES Criminal investigative techniques:Name:Institution: 1 CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIVE TECHNIQUES 2 PART 1Compare and contrast routine criminal…

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