Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Many of us were taught that there were five rights of patient medication. Now, according to the textbook or Web site you reference, there are six, seven, and even eight rights. For this discussion, respond to the following:

Does increasing the number of patient rights make it easier or harder to ensure patients receive the medications that are ordered in a safe, effective manner?

•Describe the version of the rights of patient medication you would find the most effective and describe the rationale for this choice.

•Review the “Nurses’ Six Rights for Safe Medication Administration.”

◦Do you agree with the author’s points on medication safety?

◦Incorporate this into your decision of the patent’s medication rights.

Support your position with references from this week’s readings as well as outside sources as needed.

This post is to be at least 150 words with at least ONE APA source to reference throughout the post, and to reference in APA format at the end of the post as the reference.