Patient safety (problem) and Mandated Nursing Staffing Ratios (solution)

Topic: Patient safety (problem) and Mandated Nursing Staffing Ratios (solution)

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Patient safety(problem )
Mandated nursing staffing ratios(solution)

Peer-reviewed research reports are reports reviewed by other credible experts in the field. Nursing, as a profession, uses peer-reviewed primary research reports to make credible and evidence-based practice implications and recommendations in the clinical area.
In this task, you will collect and analyze 10 research reports (primary research evidence) on one topic of interest to you in nursing practice or healthcare.
A. Select a piece of primary research (original research reports) from a research journal that has nursing implications and critique the article (suggested length of 2–3 pages) by doing the following:
Note: Please notice that you can collect 10 research reports first and then select one of those to complete aspect A of this task.
1. Identify the article you have chosen in an APA-formatted citation.
2. Design a visual representation (e.g., graph or chart) to show how the researcher addressed the five areas of a research report (background information or introduction, review of the literature, discussion of methodology, specific data analysis, and conclusion).
Note: You may use the following table. A1 Article: (indicate primary evidence chosen by way of an APA citation)
A2 Background or Introduction
A2 Review of the Literature
A2 Discussion of Methodology
A2 Data Analysis
A2 Researcher’s conclusion
3-based on your analysis of five areas, assess whether the evidence presented in the research report supports the researches conclusion
4, discuss ethical issues that may have arisen for the researches while conducting the reasearchnfor the article.
5. Discuss the type of research used for the study
(A) Explain whether or not other types of research would have been appraise in the same situation
(b) Conduct a literature search to evaluate nursing care or management implications of nursing intervention by doing the following
1-discuss evidence for a nursing care or management problem

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