Physician-Assisted Suicide

Ethical & Legal Issues: End-Of-Life Rights: Physician-Assisted Suicide

End-of-Life Rights: Physician-Assisted Suicide

I will neither give a deadly drug to anybody if asked for it, nor will I make a suggestion to this effect.
·The Hippocratic Oath, fourth paragraph

While the Hippocratic Oath clearly states a position on physician-assisted suicide, some physicians choose to aid patients in taking life-ending measures.

To prepare for this Discussion, research the laws associated with physician-assisted suicide.

Post a comprehensive response(250-350 words) to the following:

• What is your state’s or province’s position on physician-assisted suicide?

• Does your state or province differ from others? If so, why?

• What is your opinion concerning physician-assisted suicide?  Would you ask a physician to assist in your suicide if you had a terminal illness?

• Does a patient have the right to determine how they want to die? Support your response using ethical principles.

• If the patient doesn’t have a living will and is incapacitated, who would be legally responsible to make the decision to end the patient’s life? If you were the patient, how would you feel about that person making the decision for you?