Plant Science

Observe the growth of a young Pumpkin plant. This plant can either be grown from seeds or start as a young plant. Do not use a mature plant, as there will be very little to write about!


Correct scientific name of the plant
Characteristics of the plant (use the anatomy terms)
Closely related species
Height measurements (remember to use metric units)
Color observations
Age of the plant (easily attainable from the date you start your observations)
Any other plants growing on or near your plant
Observations of the immediate area (what is the plant growing next to?)
Temperature and light conditions
Any fertilizer use or pruning
Any pesticide applications
Frequency of watering (or rainfall)
Any visible damage (either caused by pests or human activity)
Any animals interacting with the plant (bird nests, squirrels, cats, etc.)
Loss of leaves
Development of new structures (fruits, strobili, tendrils, adventitious roots, etc.)