Positive Emotions and Well-being

Work 1

Select TWO academic online journal articles related to the essay topic in Part 2. (200 words each)

a) Evaluate the articles you have selected and appraise how the theoretical and/or empirical research discussed in the articles are relevant to the essay topic in Part 2. In addition, briefly summarise EACH journal article (DO NOT copy the abstract of the article). Your discussion of each journal article should be about 200 words. Present the references of the TWO journal articles in APA format.

Work 2

Part 2: Essay Question (1000 words)

A series of studies by Ford, Shallcross, Mauss, Floerke, and Gruber (2014) suggest that the pursuit of happiness may sometimes backfire.

Analyse the extent to which you would agree with their stand that there is a dark side to pursuing happiness. Apply the relevant theories and findings to support your discussion.

Required Readings:


  • Ford, B.Q., Shallcross, A.J., Mauss, I.B., Floerke, V.A., and Gruber, J. (2014). Desperately seeking happiness: Valuing happiness is associated with symptoms and diagnosis of depression. Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 33(10), 890-905.


• Gruber, J., Mauss, I., & Tamir, M. (2011). A dark side of happiness? How, when, and why happiness is not always good. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 6, 222-233.

General advice

In order to answer the question, you will have to use information from textbook Chapter 3 (“Positive Emotions and Well-being”) and the two required readings listed above. https://bookshelf.vitalsource.com/#/books/97898145…

You are also required to do additional research and cite at least five journal articles or book chapters (excluding the textbook). The information in the textbook is limited, so you are encouraged to go beyond the textbook and course material to search for relevant information and incorporate them into your discussions. Reading widely and beyond the textbook will add depth to your essay, and references to relevant research studies and examples will attract more marks. There is an abundance of resources that you can access from the library and Library eResources. Do note that internet references such as Wikipedia are not counted.

Answer should begin with an introduction that outlines the materials covered and what the basic argument will be. You will need to demonstrate the skill of being concise, so as to fit the material within the word limit of 1000 words for this discussion. When planning and writing the essay, do remember that an analytical argument and critical evaluation will gain more marks than a descriptive essay. You will need to cite all sources and provide complete references in APA style.