Problem Identification

Problem Identification

Purpose of Assignment

For this assignment, the Learning Team conducts research related to a business problem. This allows students to use critical thinking in their research to identify problems and discuss how to develop potential solutions. This will build a foundation for the rest of the Learning Team’s assignments.  Keep in mind you must validate your problem to insure its the root problem vs. a symptom.


Assignment Steps

Select a business situation such as reorganization, office closure, expansion, etc.

Locate 2 to 3 articles from the University Library about the subject.

Prepare a 800-word discussion of the business situation. The discussion should include the following:

Summarize the issue

Identify the problem

Explain why this is the underlying problem

Relate the research to the problem

Explain how a clearly defined problem could help with solutions

Review the 5 steps to critical thinking from your week 1 reading.

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.