As the chief quality officer you must present your findings on the quality issue you selected in Week 3(MEDICATION ERROR) and how you plan to improve the process to your executive team and your health care team. You are expected to give a professional presentation. What will you share? How will you convey your plan to address the quality issue?

Formulate a process improvement plan using the root cause analysis you created in Week 2.

(Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ]).

Create a 15- to 19-slide presentation with speaker notes that you would present to your quality committee that details your research. Include the following:

  • A brief description
  • Two or three strategies for quality improvement
  • One strategy to apply to the quality issue, with rationale of why you chose this strategy over others
  • Ideas to initiate in your chosen areas for quality improvement
  • A connection to the organization’s mission, vision, and value statement as it pertains to the plan

Note: Your presentation must incorporate professional standards. Research the links provided on creating professional slide presentations.

Draw from the research you have already compiled, noting evidence-based support from scholarly articles using in-text citations.

Include detailed speaker notes and a slide with APA-formatted references.

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