Public Health: Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

NSG/486: Public Health: Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

Wk 2 Assignment: Funding Proposals


Using the health care law or policy you researched for this week’s learning activity, create a proposal or presentation for continued funding of a related program.

Create two separate proposals, one that addresses liberal viewpoints and one that addresses conservative viewpoints.

Convince each group that continued funding is essential to the wellbeing of its recipients.

Address the following in each proposal:

-The party platform principles

-How the program advances the party agenda

-Program data related to target population outcomes

Format your proposals as one of the following:

-18- to 20-slide presentation


-875-word paper

****This next paragraph has to do with #1*****

Creating Common Ground

In this article, the author talks about the importance of policy in health equity and the role we all play in improving population health.

Read “Can There Be Political Common Ground for Improving Population Health?” from this week’s University Library Readings.

-The Politics of Health
This week’s assignment requires you to consider the perspectives of differing viewpoints. This activity is designed to give you time to find and research a law or policy in preparation for it and receive feedback from your faculty member about the topic.

Identify or choose one health care law or policy at the local, state, or national level in preparation for this week’s assignment, Funding Proposals.

Consider the following examples:


-Legislation around HIV/AIDS

-Legislation around health promotion and prevention (for example, obesity)

-Legislation around over-the-counter Narcan™ (naloxone) or needle exchange

Research the law or policy to determine:

-The main purpose of this law or policy

-The main population affected by this law or policy

-How this law or policy affects a population it is intended to serve

Write a short summary and submit it to your faculty member for feedback and approval.


On a separate page:

In this week’s library readings, Keepnews (2013) states “the challenges facing the U.S. health care system— expanding access, reducing costs, ensuring quality, and transforming how care is delivered—affect everyone, regardless of political affiliation. Everyone—including every nurse, and certainly every nurse preparing for an advanced role— needs to understand the issues surrounding health reform” (p. 183).

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

What role do politics play in key issues like expanding access, reducing costs, and improving quality in your organization, community, or practice setting? Cite specific examples from practice or literature.

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