Purpose Statement for an Informative Speech


For this assignment, you will write a Purpose Statement for an Informative Speech, and both an introduction and conclusion for that speech. The goal of the assignment is to get you comfortable coming up with an effective purpose statement, and crafting introductions and conclusions. Once you have practiced a few times and have the “formula” down, you’ll find that it is one of the easiest parts of writing a speech – it just takes a little practice!

Here are the steps for the assignment:

1. Write a specific purpose statement for an informative speech. You don’t have to do any research of anything like that, so you can make it as simple or as fun as possible. Just remember to stay away from that dirty word – AND.

2. You’ll have to come up with three main points that could be used for the body of the speech. These are just for fun, so again, make them as simple or as fun as you like. You’ll need to do this because you will need to preview the main points in the introduction that you will write, which leads us to…

3. Write an introduction for your speech (use the purpose statement that you came up with as the topic of your speech). Remember to put all of the elements of a successful introduction that you learned about this week into this part: Attention Getter, Purpose, Preview (and don’t forget relevance and personal credibility).

4. Write a conclusion for your speech (same speech as the purpose statement and introduction that you have used). Again, don’t forget to put all of the elements of a successful conclusion in that you learned about this week: restate the purpose, review the main points and leave with something memorable.

You will type out your purpose statement, introduction and conclusion in a word document and submit that document to the dropbox by 9PM on Sunday. The assignment is worth 10 points.