Qualitative Appraisal Tool for Fishbowl Discussion

1. Complete the Quantitative Appraisal Tool.

2. Write a study synopsis that includes these main points:

  • research design and setting
  • sample: sampling method; number of subjects; inclusion/exclusion criteria; attrition, loss to follow up, or response rate if any; and important characteristics of the sample
  • how the study was conducted (explain how the data was collected—including measurement instruments–and, if the study involves an intervention, how the intervention was carried out)
  • Important data that pertain to your PICOT question
  • Findings/conclusions related to your PICOT question

3. Submit the appraisal document and synopsis in submission folder.

  • Structure of filenames:
    1. Lastname article
    2. Lastname appraisal
    3. Lastname synopsis

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