Quantitative Article


  • Submit assignment by the deadline in Canvas
  • Write an article summary (approximately ½ page double-spaced) including:
    • Background on the public health issue,
    • Article purpose,
    • Methods,
    • Results, and
    • Study strengths and weaknesses
    • This summary should be in your own words. No credit will be earned for quoted material or plagiarized content.
  • Include 1 critical thinking question about the article.
    • Critical Thinking Questions should:
      • Be related to the research methods or analysis.
      • Focus on confusing aspects or higher level issues associated with this type of research design (qualitative or quantitative).
      • Be thought-provoking and require higher-levels of thinking
    • Critical Thinking Questions should NOT:
      • Be answered with a 1 word response OR based on a single sentence in the article
      • Be based on the public health topic in general

Late Submissions will not be accepted!

Grading Rubric

10 points – Article Summary

5 points – Critical Thinking Question